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Dental Insurance

Dental plans and insurance are not necessarily the same, and while transparency in coverage is important, it is not always available. Plans (generally) give you discounts, while insurance gets both the reduced rate, as well as a carrier payment to your dentist in the network.

Although the terms are interchangeable in the industry, you’re now wiser in how to get the right dental coverage. Dental plans are often far less in cost, while HMO dental coverage is real insurance at a higher premium, and PPO options are available at the highest price because of the out of network benefits.
Most dental options will cover the common preventive or maintenance people seek. Basic cleanings and yearly bitewing x-rays for example may be, however may also have a waiting period for those more advanced procedures, while the discount portion may begin without a waiting period.

You can also look up your dentist if you feel partial to a particular dentist, or choose a new one from the provider list when you get coverage
Whether your tooth needs a cap or filling, or if your teeth need braces, coverage is important- and remember not to neglect your gums. Recent findings have proven that many heart diseases are directly related to gum disease and poor overall neglect. Make certain to floss and brush twice daily for healthy mouth.

Did you know you can get dental coverage outside the enrollment period by itself and not wait for an enrollment period?

While most of the time dental and health go hand in hand, you may want to get it separate from your health insurance. If you get it with your health plan, then you may have to keep it even if you don’t like it only if it is tied to your existing health insurance.

Find and compare the dental coverage that is best for you or your family’s need or contact us directly to help walk you through.

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